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About our system

Canada Perfect Pageants is designed for all aspiring models from all across Canada. Our pageants are designed to allow our contestants to showcase their natural beauty and talents on stage. For those that win a national title, they will have the opportunity to compete in the prestigious Worlds Perfect Finals in Florida.


Canada Perfect Pageants is designed for you to realize your perfect dreams. Be part of a well established system that is organized promote fairness and to encourage positive achievement for all of our contestants. 

Everyone has a perception of what "Perfect" means. It is not about what society portrays as being perfect but rather Canada Perfect celebrates body positivity, confidence, empowerment, being confident with your flaws and accepting yourself as who you are.

When you become part of the Perfect Family you are gaining honesty, love, kindness, loyalty, and happiness which defines what Perfect really means.

Canada Perfect welcomes all young ladies, women and men across Canada and the United States who have competed in all major pageant systems or for those completely new to the world of pageantry! Be all you can be with Canada Perfect Pageants! 

Be all you can be with Canada Perfect Pageants! 


*All contestants must be a Canadian Citizen, Canadian Resident or U.S. Citizen
or U.S. Resident. 


Titles & Awards

Canada Perfect Titles & Prize Package

Overall Canada Perfect - Top Title 

The ultimate title at Canada Perfect comes with:

  • Beautiful Custom Sash 

  • Custom Crown & Crown Case

  • Opportunity to attend the prestigious Worlds Perfect Finals International Competition in Orlando Florida with title

  • $500 cash prize* (Cash prize is based on 10 entries only)

Division Titles 

Canada Perfect - Winner's Title 
North America's Perfect- 1st Runner Up Title 
Ontario's Perfect - 2nd Runner Up Title



Division Title Winners at Canada Perfect are awarded:

  • Custom Sash 

  • Crown

  • Exclusive Gift Package 

If the Division Title Winner falls into this category, this will be announced during crowning.

Our Directors

Ms. Lyne


Ms. Lyne has been involved in pageants since the 1980’s. Her love of pageantry is also shared among her 4 children, whom have all competed in international pageants with two of her children receiving prestigious national titles. In 2016, Ms. Lyne decided to get back on the runway at Worlds Perfect and fell in love with the system. In 2018, she won the title of Ontario’s Perfect Classic Woman that was held in Canada and headed to Florida to represent Ontario. It was in this system that she was crown as Worlds Perfect Classic Woman in 2019. 


With this achievement, Ms.Lyne has decided to bring Perfect to Canada to give Woman and Men the same amazing experience. 

Her children, Mr. Ryan (co-owner and sponsor of pageant) and Ms. Dejah also manage and organize the prestigious competitions in Canada for Canada Perfect.

Ms. Déjah


Ms. Dejah is a former international title holder and has been apart of the pageant world for just over 10 years.


Ms. Dejah has accompanied many delegates to World's Perfect Finals International Competition in Florida for many years providing her expertise and coaching along the way.


For 2022, Ms. Dejah is representing Canada in South Africa's Perfect Pageant in April. 

Ms. Dejah is also the head coach of Canada for Northeast Royalty Pageant Coaching. She believes pageantry means family, passion, and preparation. 

Our Sponsors & Affiliations 

Great Escapes Travel & Tours Logo trns.png

Great Escapes Travel & Tours

Great Escapes Travel & Tours is an inclusive full-service and registered TICO travel agency and a member of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association. 

Headquartered in downtown Toronto, Great Escapes Travel & Tours returns profits into local communities through scholarship opportunities for marginalized community members and sponsorships to unique companies and organizations making a difference on an international scale. 


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